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Agent Alpha

Agent Alpha is a fun shooting game in which our little agent joins the team to eliminate all enemies. You are one of the best agents on the force, and people trust you enough to send you on a mission. So in this exciting adventure, be prepared for it to live up to your expectations!

This is an action game with many options. Basically, your goal might be to overcome some standard challenges and beat your opponent. However, this game offers a lot of different weapons to buy as well as some intricate details to discover. Starting from the first floor of the building, you will find that you can move quickly and shoot opponents one by one. As you progress up the apartment complex, you'll encounter more enemies to defeat. Once you complete the game, you will also be able to fight in different locations. At this point, you have to be more cautious and strategic. Remember to use the weapons in your inventory as you progress in the game to become a hero.

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