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Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a fun jumping game in which you must jump as high as you can in an endless challenge. 

You will be in charge of a cartoon character who will jump up on the available platforms. Those platforms will take you to higher levels gradually. In addition to moving up, you also need to control the character left or right to be able to jump to the desired platforms and avoid obstacles. The higher you jump, the more points you get. There will be springs, rockets, and propeller caps to help you jump higher in the process. You can also collect coins along the way. 

This is an addictive game with an exciting challenge. Players can now play Doodle Jump online for free.

Doodle Jump Gameplay

Do you already know how to play Doodle Jump? If not, check the following guides to get your Doodle Jumper as high as possible.

Jump up endlessly

Your task in the Doodle Jump game is to jump as high as you can. However, you do not need to use the up arrow to control your character to fly high. Instead, direct him to jump up the platforms to the left or right. Remember that the longer you jump, the better.

Jump higher and faster

You won't just jump at normal speed. There will be more support provided to you throughout the game. You can jump higher and faster with the help of springs, rockets, and propeller caps. Those things will multiply your jump speed many times. As a result, the score also increased significantly. Try to control your character to catch those things to get an advantage in the game. 

Avoid obstacles

Of course, not only will things work in your favor, but obstacles will turn up to stand in your way. Be careful with the following:

Double-cracked brown platforms: Once you jump on them, the platforms will instantly break in half and make you fall down. The game will, therefore, be over. However, for Doodle Jump players, this is just a small problem, there are more challenging things.

Aliens and black holes: These are obstacles that you may encounter suddenly. When you reach a certain height, you must jump very carefully so that you do not headbutt them. If you rush to jump high, you may have to stop the game immediately. Not only do you have to avoid them, you also have to knock them down. Moving carefully also makes it easier for you to do that.

Tips for Doodle Jump

Know all objects clearly

It is better to know which object is beneficial for you and which one is harmful. Specifically, springs, rockets, and propeller caps will help you speed up, while brown platforms, aliens, and black holes will stand in your way. 

Change theme by interest

By scrolling your finger from the bottom of the title screen, you can choose which worlds you want to play in. 

Jump lower when you get higher

As you get higher, your challenge will be harder. That means you should jump more carefully. If you jump in a hurry, you will potentially headbutt obstacles. Therefore, it is better to jump lower when you get higher.

Study after each fall

Remembering the reasons you fell short is something you should do after every failure. This enables you to steer clear of making those errors in the future. These are the aspects of Doodle Jump that keep it operational.

Doodle Jump is a game that should not be missed for entertainment. Join the game and see how far and how long you can go.

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