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Doodle Trump

Doodle Trump is a funny dance game in the world of political power. With a funny, humorous presidential image. The goal of the Trump Doodle is to lead Donald Trump through a chain of challenges to accumulate political power and stay away from the enemy. 

How to play

  • Start the game. Start by opening the game on the selected platform.
  • Select your character: Choose your persona from a series of humorous descriptions of Trump.
  • Play: The screen will automatically upgrade your character. It's your responsibility to help them avoid obstacles like protesters, birds on Twitter and fake news pages.
  • Assemble Objects of Power: Search for things with power that will improve your game. A golf club for temporary invincibility or a MAGA hat for extra points are two examples.
  • Defeat your opponent: Sometimes, opponents like Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden can appear on the screen. Get political power to use against them to earn points.
  • Keep climbing: The goal is to score by reaching the highest possible point. The game continues until you run over an opponent or a barrier.
  • Ranking and Achievement: Go for high scores and complete achievements of the game to compete with friends and people around the world.

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