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Papa's Freezeria

The story of a beautiful young girl who works at an ice cream shop in front of the beach is told in Papa's Freezeria To Go. Due to the absence of guests for the first few days, everything went quite smoothly. When summer finally arrives, you will be constantly busy, unlike the first few days. It looks like the new game officially starts at this point.

Papa's Freezereria - To Go! Running your own frozen drink store is your main goal. Every visitor will have certain wants and needs about the food and drink they want to buy, what ingredients should be used, what foods they don't want to consume, and what ingredients must be excluded at all costs. You have to pay close attention, take careful notes of what you hear, and then repeat the process within the allotted time. then offer to serve consumers in exchange for payment and benefits. To attract more customers, sales proceeds will be used to upgrade the ice cream shop's equipment, buy more ingredients, buy tables and chairs, and more. Let's test your management and mastery abilities right now!

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